Call for Papers

Energeia is an open-access online journal for linguistics, language philosophy and the history of linguistics, with a particular interest in general and Romance linguistics. Every issue has three sections: journal articles, review articles and documents.

Energeia is published by the University of Zurich in collaboration with the research project "Beyond Structuralism" – Letters to Eugenio Coseriu and the history of linguistics in the 20th century and the Research center Eugenio Coseriu / Coseriu Archives at the University of Tübingen.

Energeia was first published between 2009 and 2014. In June 2021, the journal has resumed publication on a regular basis.

Energeia does not subscribe to any specific theoretical approach. However, we strongly encourage colleagues to submit contributions with a focus on one of the three main areas of interest: language theory, philosophy of language and history of linguistics. Manuscripts may be submitted in English, German, or in a Romance language.

Unpublished original contributions and documents should be submitted taking into account the editorial guidelines. These will be evaluated anonymously by two independent reviewers. The authors will be contacted after the evaluation procedure and shall receive an evaluation report along with a request to revise their contribution if necessary.

Forthcoming issue no. 7 (2022):

Latest date for submission of papers: 15 May 2022

End of peer reviewing process: 1 August 2022

Online-Publication: October 2022